Exoplanet transit observations at Bosscha Observatory

Denny Mandey , I.T. Andika , F.A. Jeanuarieke , W.S. Fitmawyani , Sahlan Ramadhan , M. Putra
September 2015
We present the results of exoplanet observations at Bosscha observatory. Photometric method used to detect reduction on star flux during planet transit in front of the star. Defocus techniques are used to reduce the effects of measurement error on transit lightcurves. We chose targets that have been confirmed to have planets. Stars brighter than 10 magnitudes were selected to achieve good signal to ratio. This observation is part of initial phase of exoplanet observation program in Bosscha Observatory. The results will be used to assess the ability of Bosscha Observatory telescopes in exoplanet transit detection.
Jenis Karya Tulis Konfrensi
Publikasi AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1677, Issue 1, id.050009
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