On the Orbit of Visual Binary WDS 01158-6853 I-27CD (SAO248342)


WDS 01158-6853 I-27CD=SA0 248342 has the proper motion +404. in right ascension and 105. in declination. Magnitude of each star is 7.84 for primary and 8.44 for secondary, separated by 320. from the quadruple system Kappa Tuc=LDS 42 = HJ 3423 AB. The visual binary star of WDS 01158-6853 I-27CD is historically one of the most important double star in constellation Tucana. We have collected the observational data consisting of separation angular ($\rho$) and position angle ($\theta$) from the observations of 1897 up to 2001 taken at the Bosscha Observatory and other Observatories in the world. This study presents the recent status of orbit binary system WDS 01158-6853 I-27CD. By using Thiele Van den Bos method and empirical formula of Strand’s Mass-Luminosity relation we have determined the orbit and mass of WDS 01158-6853 I-27CD. The results are; $P=85.288$ years, $e=0.053$, $T =1911.23$, $i=27.93$, $\Omega=52.83$, $\omega=10.73$, $M_1=0.7; M\odot$, $M_2=0.5; M\odot$, $p=0”.0589$

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