The BIMA project: Two years report and analysis of O-C diagram on V566 Oph


The Eclipsing Binaries’ Minima Monitoring Project (BIMA) is a joint project between Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT). This project is dedicated to observe minim of eclipsing binaries light curves to derived their time of minimum. Since its commissioning in 2012, this project has secured 71 minima of more than 30 eclipising binaries until September 2014. In the first year, BIMA project has established the observational technique, data handling system, calculation for determination time of minimum, and automatization for image reduction and analysis. In the second year, BIMA project began to combine its time of minimum data with other previous observations to analyze O-C (Observed-Calculated) Diagram of all observed systems. The O-C diagram is one of indispensable tools to study evolution in eclipsing binaries in which it indicates period change or correction for periode prediction. Period changes closely related to evolutionary phase of the systems can be detected. In this paper, we present and discuss preliminary analysis of O-C diagram from one particular eclipsing binary system, V566 Oph.

American Institute of Physics Conference Series