PR Lupi = Nova Lupi 2011 = Pnv J14542000-5505030


F. M. Walter, Stony Brook University, reports that photometric and spectroscopic observations were obtained using the SMARTS/Cerro Tololo facilities, starting on Aug. 9 UT. Photometry with the 1.3-m telescope (+ ANDICAM dual-channel photometer) shows maximum light (V = 9.1, K = 6.2) within a day or two of Aug. 13.0 UT; by Aug. 23.0, the nova had faded to V = 11.2 and K = 8.1. Optical spectroscopy with the 1.5-m telescope (+ RC specrograph) between Aug. 9.0 and 22.0 shows the spectrum of a classical ‘Fe II’-type nova near maximum light. A similar assessment was determined by H. L. Malasan, J. Suherli, and E. Wiyando, Bosscha Observatory, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia; and A. Arai and H. Kawakita, Koyama Astronomical Observatory, Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan, from optical spectroscopy obtained on Aug. 16.6 UT at Bosscha Observatory. The spectroscopic details are given on CBET 2796.

IAU Circ., No. 9228, #2 (2011). Edited by Green, D. W. E.