Correlation between diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs) and interstellar extinction using data from Bosscha Compact Spectrograph


A longstanding challenge in astronomical spectroscopy is to uncover the carriers of diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs). They are broad absorption features due to the interstellar matter (ISM). They are seen in stellar spectra of background stars or other astronomical objects. Although we do not know utterly the carriers of the DIBs, they can be a promising tracer of the ISM. One of the interesting properties is their correlations with the interstellar (IS) extinction. For each band, the correlation has considerable dispersion and differences that possibly due to the IS physical conditions. Some DIBs are sensitive to the stellar radiation field, and some are not. To study the effect, we measured the DIB observed in Be/B stars spectra. The stars were observed by using Bosscha Compact Spectrograph at the Bosscha Observatory, Lembang, Indonesia. We performed an automated fitting of a combination of a smooth stellar continuum, the DIB profile, and a synthetic telluric transmission to the spectrum. The DIB measurements were compared to the general DIBs-extinction relationship. The correlation is found to be in good agreement with previous determinations.

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1011, Issue 1, article id. 012082 (2018)