Premana W. Premadi

Institut Teknologi Bandung

Mrs. Premana, or often called Mrs. Nana, is a researcher in the field of cosmology as well as a lecturer in the Astronomy Study Program at ITB who is also active in various organizations, including the Universe Awareness (UNAWE) and the ALS Indonesia Foundation, a forum that houses ALS (Amythropic Lateral Schlerosis, a rare disease that attacks the nerves as suffered by Prof. Stephen Hawking). She currently serves as Director of the Bosscha Observatory.

Thanks to Mrs. Nana’s contribution to the world of Astronomy, her name was enshrined as the name of the asteroid, the asteroid 12937 Premadi.

Check her profile on the FMIPA ITB website.

Details of her activities related to research and community development can be seen in the following link.