Academic Services

As one of academic institution under university, Bosscha Observatory often handle various academic activities as follows.

Final Project/Thesis

Bosscha Observatory is part of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) ITB, often supervise a final projects or thesis of undergrad and master students, not only from ITB but also from various universities around Indonesia. These projects usually related with astronomy observation and data analysis.

Laboratory Activities

Bosscha Observatory is also a place for laboratory activities of students who take the Astronomy courses, especially when related with the use of instruments and data analysis. The students will be guided by Bosscha Observatory research staff about the observation procedures, data acquisition, and data processing.


Bosscha Observatory as a research and education institution also welcome students, both from ITB or other universities, who want to experience working in observatory. The topics varies from literature studies, Instrumentation, Photographic Plate Restoration studies, Geology, Architectural studies, and even Biology.


Colloquium/col·lo·qui·um (Noun) an academic seminar or conference

Bosscha Observatory conducts colloquium in various disciplines: programming , Astronomy research, etc. The colloquium was conducted by guest speakers from Indonesia and abroad, as well as from Bosscha Observatory researchers themselves.